Moshe's New Radio Show - Late Night Health Radio

Moshe s New Radio Show  Late Night Health Radio

I am pleased to announce that I will be co-hosting a new radio show! Late Night Health Radio will offer professional insight into a variety of important health issues, while providing a special focus on America’s baby boomer generation. The host, Mark Alyn, with 20 years of experience as a television host and reporter, will join me in discussing health tips, the newest studies, and tackle subjects like pain management, and dealing with diabetes and cancer. I’ll be contributing thorough coverage of my specialty in pain relief and rehabilitation, joined by special guests such as Dr. Gorodisky M.D. and many more!

Be prepared to be informed and entertained. More details are coming soon. To stay up to date on the latest Late Night Health Radio developments, visit the official website.

Popular radio stations Late Night Health Radio will be played on:

WMEL 1300 AM (Cocoa Beach, Florida)

K-TAHOE 590 AM, 96.1 FM (Tahoe, Nevada)

K-MINE 980 AM (Grants, New Mexico)

Late Night Health Radio

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