Time And Brain Chemistry Heal All Wounds

Time And Brain Chemistry Heal All Wounds

Although it seems sometimes that pain originates strictly in the physical realm, our emotions play a huge role in what we physically feel. The common thread between our thoughts and our pain is the brain: it has been observed that the same brain regions become active when one experiences either physical pain or emotional rejection. But if this kind of pain is a result of central nervous system activity and not pain receptors in our hands or feet, it is possible to fight fire with fire. Dopamine is a powerful neurotransmitter that has not only been linked to feelings of happiness and pleasure but has been known to alter our perception of pain. Simply listening to music you love, spending time with a good friend, or being creative releases dopamine in your brain and could lessen the severity of pain you feel.

For further reading, visit Scientific American to learn more about the brain chemistry of emotional wounds.

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